Surgical Services

At Stilwell Animal Hospital & Equine Center, P.A., we have state of the art surgical facilities. Our surgical suite is equipped for both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. We are happy to perform scheduled routine surgical procedures or after-hours emergencies. Our anesthetic monitoring equipment measures your pet’s vital signs throughout the procedure and they are constantly monitored by both the doctor and one of our trained technicians for the entirety of the surgery. Our veterinarians are well-acquainted with many surgical procedures that your pet may need for their health and well-being. If necessary our veterinarians have referral relationships with several board certified surgeons and universities to give your pet the best care needed.

All of our surgical patients receive pain control regardless of their procedure. We provide both medical pain control and cold laser therapy at the surgical site following the procedure. Our animal companions deserve the same courtesy regarding pain management as we would want for ourselves for similar procedures. It is our belief at Stilwell Animal Hospital & Equine Center, P.A. that your pet should be comfortable and free of pain. Please feel free to discuss forms of pain management with our caring staff.