Lameness Evaluations

At Stilwell Animal Hospital & Equine Center, P.A., we have the capability of evaluating your horse for lameness in-hospital or on-site at your farm or barn. We are happy to listen to your needs and concerns and tailor our lameness examination appropriately. From a backyard pony to an Olympic athlete, we are dedicated to getting your horse back to where you need it. There are many causes of lameness in horses, and we are equipped to diagnose and treat whatever the problem is.

Our team of veterinarians are experienced in lameness evaluation and have a keen eye for subtle changes in gait. We can evaluate your horse under various conditions to locate the lameness for further diagnostics and treatment. We can perform diagnostic nerve blocks, ultrasound, and have portable digital radiography available to take a closer look at concerning areas. We are happy to take the time to investigate your horse closely to return you and your horse to your normal function.