Grooming Services

A day at the spa is always enjoyable. Our professional groomer provides a number of services all aimed at making your pet more comfortable, from a simple bath to a specific haircut. All of our grooming services include cleaning the ears, trimming the nails, and expressing anal sacs. We can provide a flea bath, medicated bath or a special ath if your pet has an unfortunate encounter with a skunk. De shedding with a furminator is often beneficial for animals with a lot of undercoat. Our groomer is well versed in specific breed haircuts, but is also very willing to accommodate your special requests for shaving or hair cutting. your pet is usually dropped off first thing in the morning and we will be happy to call you as soon as they are ready to be picked up, or just stay until the end of the day if it is more convenient.

Our groomer offers haircuts every Monday and Wednesday, however, baths are offered every day of the week, with limited availabity on Saturday’s. For your convenience, your pet should be dropped off with us before 9:00 AM. Our staff will give you a call, as soon as your pet is ready to be picked up, or you may simply pick up between 4 and 5 at your convenience.