Digital Radiography

Our goal of providing the highest quality of veterinary medicine cannot be achieved without the sophisticated diagnostic tools we use in the hospital daily. Radiography also known as X-Ray is an essential diagnostic tool that allows us to evaluate soft-tissue and boney structures. Our computerized radiography unit reduces the turnaround for radiographs which allows us to more quickly diagnose problems and allows for a more rapid treatment response.

Our system benefits your pet by providing improved diagnostic capacity with better imaging, enlargement capabilities and computer enhancements such as measurement and notation. It benefits our staff by providing increased safety! The system works with a faster exposure time that reduces the stray radiation for your pets and our staff. By applying digital algorithms to the radiographs we can replicate different techniques resulting in the perfect image on the first take.

By using either our stationary unit, portable unit, or dental x-ray, we love demonstrating the benefits and capabilities of our digital x-ray unit and are here to provide you with the best care for your best friends.