Coggins Testing and Health Certificates

A Coggins test is a blood test that checks for the presence of Equine Infectious Anemia or EIA. EIA is a serious viral disease that is a world wide threat.Therefore, it is a state regulated disease. It is mostly transmitted by large biting flies like horse or deer flies. A horse that tests positive for EIA may be actively infected or a carrier. Unfortunately if a horse tests positive, the horse must be quarantined for life away from other horses or must be put down. If you are transporting horses across state lines, a Coggins test is required. Coggins tests are usually performed yearly, however, many boarding facilities as well as shows require a Coggins test to be negative within the last 6 months.

Another document required for interstate or intrastate travel is a certificate of veterinary inspection or CVI. This is also known as a health certificate. There are both small animal and large animal health certificates. This is a document meant to to ensure that an animal has a clean bill of health and is not infected with a contagious disease. Most state health certificates are good for 30 days. Many shows and airlines require a health certificate prior to flying or participation in an event.

coggins testing chart